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The first ever portal about charity in Russia
Help the project is one of the leading Internet resources in the field of charity and a reliable means of communication for those who need help and those who can provide one. We upload requests for help from those in trouble. All the requests are carefully looked into.

Some 200 new visitors view our website daily.

On average, we raise from 5 to 7 million RUR monthly in order to pay for medical treatment, operations, rehabilitation, housing, medicine, or caregivers. Also monthly, people donate from one to three million RUR for “Miloserdie” projects and daily needs.

The portal aims to educate and enlighten people and also help them find answers to their most pressing questions concerning professional charity, fundraising, voluntary work and security in the field. It also functions as a tool to attract public attention to the most burning issues and find ways to solve them. is successful in inspiring new people do good.

We provide information help and support all good social initiatives in Moscow, and many of them outside the capital. Here as well one can find a unique database with information about Moscow parish activities.