Children’s palliative care field service

Helping seriously ill children at their homes
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Children with incurable diseases often can’t be helped at hospitals. The diagnosis made and supportive therapy undergone, a patient is discharged from hospital. Children’s palliative care field service being a joint project of the “Miloserdie” service and Martha and Mary Convent which helps such families.

The children under the service’s care suffer from such serious degenerative diseases as mucopolysaccharidosis, epidermolysis bullosa, severe cases of CP, SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), Retts syndrome, a vegetative state after drowning and traumatic brain injury (TBI), oncological diseases, etc. At present, some 95 seriously ill children are under constant service’s supervision.

The service started its work back on October, 1, 2011 and manages to function well thanks to donations and grants.

The specialists of the service such as doctors, nurses, caregivers, physical therapy instructors, social workers and psychologists provide incurably ill children and their parents with multi-functional professional help (medical, psychological, social, spiritual, palliative). The children’s palliative care field service is also responsible for “A Social Break”: a way to let parents of diseased children leave their child for a few hours and do other things, or just rest. This is made possible thanks to a caregiver who visits the home of such a family.