St Spiridon’s Almshouse

Professional care and good quality of life in the old age
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St Spiridon’s Almshouse is a place where old and seriously ill people are provided with professional care and good quality of life. Our highly-qualified sisters of charity feed those under their care, regularly give them their medication, and are also responsible for hygienic care of the patients. On top of that, they talk to the lonely and in need, which is of utmost importance for them in order to feel safe and protected.

At present, St Spiridon’s Almshouse has 18 seriously ill inmates.

Day and night, professional sisters of charity, who have graduated from medical colleges or undergone trainings for caregivers, are on duty in the Almshouse. They are responsible for hygienic care, close supervision of the seriously ill patients, taking their blood pressure, temperature, pulse, distribution of medicine, regular injections, bandaging, provision of food, washing of clothes, cleaning and disinfecting the wards.

Apart from the sisters, there’s also a doctor, a social worker, a laundress and a cook at the Almshouse. All of those under care are registered in local clinics.