St Dimitry’s Children’s Centre

A Centre for temporary stay of orphans and those without parental care
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It is a socially-oriented non-profit organization for a temporary stay of orphans and those without parental care as well as for junior members of families in an emergency situation where parents can’t temporarily care for their children; it also houses those children whose families are in desperate need, and also special children.

The ways the Centre works:

· Temporarily housing children without parental care and those in a state of emergency who have legal representatives;

· Preparing such children for family life and finding families for them;

· Constructive work with blood parents;

· Support for foster parents;

· Support for graduates (help with counselling, provision of psychological, pedagogical, legal, social help and many more);

· Temporarily housing graduates aged 18 to 23 and helping them adapt socially;

· Helping Centre graduates, multi-children families, foster families and those with special kids;

The Centre admits children aged a year and a half to 18 left without parental care.