Help desk for the homeless

Social rehabilitation of the homeless and prevention of homelessness
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Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to degrade and be nick-named “a bum”. It may happen when one finds themselves in a big city without any documents or money , or falls prey to careless employers, thieves or swindlers. A week at one friend’s place, another, one more… One feels embarrassed to bother their acquaintances yet another time, has nowhere to wash their clothes, feels ashamed to get back home with literally nothing. A few nights in a station waiting lounge, then one makes new so-called ‘friends’ - that’s how their life keeps changing dramatically.

The Support Centre for the homeless is a “Miloserdie” project which, for more than 10 years has been dealing with the problems of those who have no home. We help some 250 of those under our care monthly.

At present, it comprises a number of directions of help:

· Homelessness prevention at railway stations: a social worker has been on regular duty at the Kazanskiy and Kurskiy Railway Stations ever since 2013. If need be, the worker goes to other stations, i.e. Kyivskiy, Paveletskiy, Yaroslavskiy, Leningradskiy, Belorusskiy. They provide urgent help for those who’ve got into big trouble and thus may live in the streets.

· Helping the homeless in Moscow hospitals: our social workers appeal to authorities for those who are homeless hospital in-patients, makes sure they complete their treatment well after being discharged from hospital, helps them go back to their native places, assists in finding places in social institutions.

· Urgent help for those in the streets: the mobile “Miloserdie” team goes to the homeless when summoned by Muscovites.

· Help with employment: assisting those who come to Moscow in search of work. Social workers help such people find vacancies, be reasonable when assessing their own abilities and skills, get the required counselling and information support.