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Our volunteers take active part in almost all the Orthodox service’s projects. At present, there’re some 1,500 members here. They work with children (including disabled ones) at orphanages, boarding schools and hospitals, help multi-children families, and also look after the lonely elderly, both in hospitals and at their homes, disabled, HIV-positives. On top of that, our volunteers save the homeless from freezing in winters. The members also help the Orthodox service “Mercy’ conduct charity events and concerts. There’s even a team of workers commonly known as “a renovation team”: they renovate places of those most in need so that they didn’t live in unbearable conditions. Our volunteer drivers are indispensable when one of those under our care has to be transported: for example, a child or disabled to a clinic, hospital, church, to move certain things, etc.

The volunteers are supervised by coordinators who are responsible for workers in different parts of Moscow. The volunteers’ forum at www. is the main place where they communicate, distribute tasks and coordinate other important issues.

Our “School of Volunteers” regularly runs trainings and lectures about care of the elderly and disabled. In their lessons, sisters of charity of the caregivers’ service teach their students the basics of palliative help and give recommendations as to how they can communicate successfully with those under their care.

Each Sunday meetings meeting is run for newcomers at the church of St Pious Tsarevitch Dimitriy based at the Central Clinic Hospital №1 (12, 8, Leninsky Prospect). And each year there’s a common meeting for all the volunteers. They also get together each week for a special prayer, and once a month they gather for a church service held for all the volunteers.