Child Developmental Centre ‘St Elizabeth’s Kindergarten’ for those with cerebral palsy (CP)

A unique kindergarten for children with moderate and severe forms of CP
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Child Developmental Centre ‘ St Elizabeth’s Kindergarten’ for children with multiple health challenges is the only free-of-charge kindergarten in Moscow for children with moderate and severe forms of CP. Here, the kids are treated with care by psychologists, specialists in social and domestic adaptation, speech therapists and also ergotherapists. Their main task is to study each and every child’s background and present state inside out, to cater for their individual needs. The children learn to eat on their own, look after themselves, get dressed, say words and sounds and learn to communicate with one another and also adults.

The second main task of the Centre is to provide parents and relatives of such children with targeted psychological help. Such parents find it truly hard to bring up disabled children without external help. A common consequence is often a family degradation, where fathers leave their homes, mothers get socially inactive, or another child neglected. Psychologists of St Elizabeth’s Kindergarten are ready to help solve such problems. Parents attend group and private classes concerning upbringing and effective communication with their children; round tables and master-classes named 'Parents’ Club’ are held. From 2011 to 2016 103 families were helped by the Centre, and some 160 are still queuing up for help. One-parent families, those in desperate need and multi-children ones are given priority.

The building of St Elizabeth’s Kindergarten for children with CP needs renovating! There’s a good chance to move to a nice spacious one but that, in turn, is possible if the place gets refurbished, which costs a lot.