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Helping children with multiple developmental disorders at the State Centres
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The project is a testing ground for children with multiple disorders based in the Centre of Family Upbringing Assistance 'Kuntsevskiy' and 'Yuzhnoe Butovo'.

Concilia are held about each and every child, where specialists track down all the existing diagnoses and individual programmes of development are consolidated.

The Centre of Family Upbringing Assistance (CFUA) 'Kuntsevskiy'

16 children with severe multiple developmental disorders live in one of the largest state boarding schools in Moscow, CFUA Kuntsevskiy, while being under good care of workers and volunteers of the ‘Miloserdie’ service.

27 ‘Miloserdie’ professionals, such as tutors, tutor assistants, speech pathologists, speech therapists, music therapists, psychologists, massage therapists, do their best to develop the children under their care physically, emotionally and intellectually, aiming at developing all their skills.

Volunteers from ‘Miloserdie’ regularly visit the 'Kuntsevskiy’ Centre where they help tutors feed children and change their clothes, walk with them, and also accompany the kids to services at the house church of the orphanage. There’s a high demand for volunteers, as one of the main tasks of the project is to find a personal adult for every child.

‘Miloserdie’ cooperation with the “Kuntsevskiy’ Centre started long ago. Our sisters of charity began visiting the orphanage in 2002, and in March, 2015 several inpatients from the most intense therapy division were chosen for St Sophia’s Social Home, which in turn, after a restructuring process, became Russia’s first boarding school for children with multiple developmental disorders. However, after the change ‘Miloserdie’ didn’t stop helping the children at the Centre; on the contrary, it was here that an experimental ground of Martha and Mary Medical Centre “Miloserdie’ was opened.

'Yuzhnoye Butovo’ Centre

'Yuzhnoye Butovo’ is a new ground of the project which was opened at the beginning of 2017. Here, specialists work with 8 children in the department of the intense care. Before that, sisters of charity and volunteers of ‘Miloserdie’ took care of the children.