How you can help

‘Mercy’, an Orthodox Charity Organisation, is the largest Orthodox social organisation in Russia (according to Rusfond rating).

How you can help:
Mercy’s friends are those who can’t stay indifferent to other people’s trouble, and so regularly donate a small part of their income to those in most need.
You can sign up for a regular donation, or make a one-off payment by any of the means most convenient to you.
Our Volunteer Service has united those who, in their free time, help totally free of charge lonely elderly and disabled people at their homes and at hospitals, multi-children families, talk to orphans who desperately need such communication, save the homeless who might otherwise freeze in Moscow streets in winter.
Nowadays, charity has become part and parcel of successfully running a business on a day-to-day basis. Your company is most welcome to become one of our corporate partners.
Some of our projects will be most grateful to you for your help with food, clothes and other daily necessities.
Tell others about us, place our banner, or share our news and projects with your friends.