“Voskresenskoe’. Dacha for multi-children families

A good chance for those under our care to relax out of town
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The ‘Miloserdie’ Orthodox service has always cared for multi-children families. Some of them are helped by Orthodox childminders from our caregivers’ service; at times, such families need clothes or a volunteer to help a mother take her child to classes or walk with her younger kids. Among those under our care are families with some 10 children or so. They often live in crammed flats in the city, and such a chance to go out of town at least in the summer is a wonderful opportunity to relax, both for parents and their children.

'Voskresenskoe’ is a three-hour ride from Moscow, in the Volokolamsk Region. Its fields, forests, fresh air, a house church in a spacious house make the place ideal for children of different ages to run to their hearts’ content as well as for their parents to rest a bit from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Children are supervised by volunteers, some of whom are professional educators. A number of activities are run especially for children, like quilling, cookery classes, mechanics, modelling, singing and drawing lessons, which is far from being an exhaustive list of pastime activities.

It is also up to volunteers to clean and cook, so that mothers could be freed from their mundane daily chores and focus on taking care of their small ones.