Rescue Shed

A Centre where the homeless can get warm, eat, wash and be provided with social help
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Thousands or even tens of thousands of homeless people live in Moscow. An insurmountable problem for them might be a seemingly basic thing, like a good night’s sleep, having a shower or getting changed into clean clothes. They often feel isolated from medical or social help.

The rescue shed is a frame tent where those without their homes can get warm and eat. A Paramedic Station works there as well.

The main task of the Rescue Shed is to help the homeless return into our society’s life. The social worker at the Shed helps them restore their documents, maintain communication with their relatives, find a temporary job and shelter, and eventually sends them back home. Here as well one can find a round-the-clock free-of-charge public telephone to make calls all over Russia. It helps them get in touch with their relatives or search for employment.

Anyone in trouble without a place to live can get into the Shed, no matter whether they have any documents or registration papers on them or not.